Factory Cleaning Services Dubai UAE

Reliable, Efficient & Professional Industrial Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE.
If you are looking for Factory cleaning services in Dubai or any part of UAE, you can choose the services Al Buraq Services LLC. A team of highly skilled cleaning professionals will reach your factory and clean it well. We are able to carry out a variety of industrial cleaning requirements from de-greasing hard floors to cleaning ducts and cladding. Our professionals will convey industrial cleaning services to the majority of industries such as Iron Company and steel industry, transport industry, complex mechanical industry, gas, and oil industry and a lot more, we provide overall cleaning problems solution for manufacturing and industrial business. We provide customized cleaning timetable and services to indicate a site-specific difference, your goals, and your budget.

Our Industry cleaning services includes:

  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Factory cleaning
  • Equipment cleaningv
  • Constructions site cleaning
  • De-greasing hard floors
  • Machine cleaning and de-greasing
  • Roof cleaning service
  • Water tank cleaning

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